Halo Top’s First National Ad Campaign Is a Dark, Hilarious Scoop of Existential Dread

Kids learn life's harsh realities from the 'ice cream for adults'

Kids looking for ice cream are in for some bad news, and bad vibes, in Halo Top's new ads. Halo Top
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Kids may want ice cream when they’re happy, but adults need ice cream when they’re not. It’s a distinction we all know but likely haven’t really thought about—until this wonderfully bleak campaign from low-calorie ice cream Halo Top.

Known for taking creative leaps with its marketing—most famously the dystopian and terrifying 2017 ad “Eat the Ice Cream,” which included the instantly classic line, “Everyone you love is gone.”

Now the brand is rolling out its first national TV campaign, created by agency 72andSunny New York and directed by Tim Godsall.

The spots center on what must be, to kids, the worst ice cream truck ever. Instead of getting frozen treats, they get nihilistic lectures on the harsh realities of our cold and indifferent world.

“We created Halo Top to be able to eat ice cream as much as we wanted, and I believe everyone can relate to the need for ice cream after a rough day,” says Justin Woolverton, CEO and founder. “We’re excited to bring this concept to life and feel like it’s a great way to demonstrate that Halo Top is exactly what adults have been waiting for—delicious ice cream with around 300 calories per pint.”

With dry delivery and a delightfully cold-steel edge, the ads will make you laugh through the gritted teeth of existential dread.

On a bright note, we do get a cameo from The Bachelor alumnus Nick Viall, but as you might imagine after his multiple on-camera heartbreaks, he’s not the most gushing advocate of whole-hearted love:

Other spots in the campaign focus on pretty standard daily nightmares of adult life: online dating and crappy jobs.

The ads begin airing nationally tonight and will run throughout the summer—peak season for eating ice cream in the sun or staring into the dark abyss of our merciless and unforgiving reality.

@griner david.griner@adweek.com David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."