Heineken, KLM Finally Figured Out How to Serve Freshly Tapped Draught Beer on an Airplane

See the debut of a very special trolley

If you think C-suiters are pompous and obnoxious when they're stone-cold sober with their feet on the ground, imagine how they'd carry on after loosening up with a few Heinekens on draught while cruising at 35,000 feet.

Actually, you don't have to imagine. Just check out this clip from DDB & Tribal Amsterdam, which heralds the arrival of a fancy trolley that dispenses Heineken draught beers aboard select KLM World Business Class flights:

Just a few sips, and they're already deep into the #LameHashtag selfies. Pretty soon, those two braggadocious stuffed shirts will be flying higher than the plane. (Hope the Dutch carrier has some extra barf air-sickness bags handy.)

"It took years of experimenting to produce the perfect schooner at high altitude," says Jesse Mons, executive producer at the agency. The trolley uses air pressure, not carbon dioxide, as flight safety regulations forbid the use of CO2 aboard aircraft. So, passengers can imbibe without igniting the cabin in a fireball—clearly a point in the system's favor.

Wonder if that spokesguy from the new U.S. KLM campaign has been nipping at the trolley tap? It might explain his stunningly silly behavior. Toss back another round, dude, and you won't care if KLM's an airline, milk, a radio station, or whatever. *Hic!*


Client: KLM, Heineken

Agency: DDB & Tribal Amsterdam

Talent: Pep Rosenfeld, Andrew Moskos

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