Hey, Konica Minolta gets crazy in the office!

There are three reasons why I dislike this Konica Minolta spot from Cronin & Co. First, the whole “office theme” has been ridiculously overdone. Yes, the client makes copiers, so the setting is appropriate. Still, to succeed, office ads at this point must be either exceptionally mean-spirited (think: the Blood Center of Central Texas) or unexpectedly whacked (example: Lay’s of Canada). Konica’s spot is neither, though it is more palatable than Boston Market’s brain-killing office/rodeo monstrosity. Even so, the Konica ad reminds me of Boston Market’s, and that’s the second reason I don’t like it. The third reason is, here at AdFreak, I’m the poor schlub who struggles unsuccessfully to fix paper jams and retrieve unfallen snacks from the vending machine, and it’s my co-workers move in like two-bit Fellinis with their camera phones. In fact, I’m typing this one-handed, as my other hand’s jammed inside the snack chute. Send some help!

—Posted by David Gianatasio