Holy Crap, This Guy Does a Freakin’ Sweet Peter Griffin Impression

Watch Robert Franzese become the Family Guy star

Headshot of Alfred Maskeroni

If you've ever watched Fox's animated classic Family Guy, you're familiar with the show's larger-than-life, not-quite-everyman, crass-but-lovable star, Peter Griffin.

Well, this year at New York Comic-Con, Robert Franzese took to the show floor in glasses and green pants, entertaining everyone he encountered with his spot-on impression of the Quahog, R.I., native. 

He explains his experience at the show: "You know what I love the most about New York Comic-Con is the freakin' friends that i see every year. I go to work, and I'm like a nobody—I have a nobody job, making nobody pay—but I go to New York Comic-Con, and people are pulling out phones like I'm freakin' Brad Pitt or some shit. It makes me feel like a million bucks."

Check out the mini-documentary below, and watch out for some of Griffin's infamous catchphrases delivered by this master impressionist. 

Via Daily Dot.

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