Home-Improvement Ad Hits the Nail on the Head in Epic Fashion

Hornbach hammers out another gem

German home-improvement chain Hornbach and agency Heimat Berlin build a winning slow-mo fantasy in this new spot, as a middle-aged guy experiences DIY paradise in the split second it takes him to connect hammer and nail after several frustrating misses. The brief cinematic clip—with its laughing cherubs, cheering throng and awesomely amazed deer—is just as epic, in its way, as "The Infinite House," the client's lauded, dreamlike film from a few years back that's nine minutes long (probably more time than some DIYers invest in projects before quitting in disgust). Here, in 45 seconds, the advertiser nails the extrasensory euphoria that folks feel when they succeed, even briefly, at doing it themselves, driving home the message that Hornbach can help them attain such bliss. There's just one catch. To finish that deck, our hero will have to drive in a lot more nails. Heaven help him. Via Co.Create.

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