This Japanese Ad With an 18-Year-Old Grandpa Has a Clever and Quite Beautiful Twist

A meditation on aging

This story about a young woman and an old man probably won't end the way you think.

The duo sit and have a conversation about the elder's health. His spirits are good, despite a few natural aches and pains. Then things take a turn for the weird, as the woman recalls their history together, dating back to 18 years prior.

As the dialogue continues down that dark path, the man recalls getting into regular fights, and she forgives him for causing trouble.

Watch below, and make sure you have the subtitles (CC) turned on.

After all's said and done, he reclines onto the woman's lap, and lo—the reveal. It turns out he's not a man after all.

Titled "18 Year-Old Grandpa," it's a funny little conceit, intended to sell Whiskas pet food as a healthy option for aging animals.

The 90-second commercial perfectly captures the essence of cat when the man insincerely apologizes for being self-centered and manipulative. It does so a second time when, once restored to his true form, he looks at her and licks his chops like he wishes she were smaller, so he could bite her head off just for kicks.

In other words, it's a beautiful sentiment, and may make cat fans swoon. But if we're being honest, the old man is way too cheerful to be a convincing feline. It'd be more credible if he just sat around demanding better service—or wishing he had thumbs, so he could exact revenge for so many years of shameless human insolence.

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