This Japanese Cellphone Company’s Shrimp Gun Will Make Your Day

Ready, aim, fry

We came here from the Internet as fast as we could to tell you of a brand-new development in seafood technology: the fried shrimp gun. With flour, egg yolk, tempura flakes and a soupçon of billowing fire, you can blast your shellfish craving into oblivion, apparently. 

The minute-long video appears to be an ad for Japanese cellphone company NTT DoCoMo, the biggest cell provider in the country. It has a few other shorts on its YouTube channel that are difficult for non-Japanese speakers to appreciate, but hooray for the shrimp gun.

This is a mother-daughter team of shrimp-projectile experts, I guess? What's great about it is that the mom stops the daughter mid-fry to tell her there's obviously a better way to make shrimp tempura. And so begins the daughter's nightmare journey into invertebrate firearm cookery, complete with an excellent shot of the younger woman flinching as her mother calmly launches the shrimp toward a target across the room.

Shrimp guns may be specific, but the experience is universal.

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