Jim Carrey Mercilessly Spoofs Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Ads on SNL

Deep thoughts, but not by Jack Handey

Headshot of Alfred Maskeroni

If you're the type of person who thinks Saturday Night Live's best years are behind it, you can stop reading now because nothing I can write will convince you otherwise. Yeah, I know, you grew up watching the most brilliant comedians of all time, and, well, the new players are terrible. It's like hanging on to your glory days on the high school football field. 

But it was interesting to watch the rerun of a 1990s Tom Hanks episode that ran before this week's show. There were some hilarious gems, including a Wayne's World episode featuring Aerosmith—so good. But "Tales of Ribaldry: Wench, Wife, Boot"? What a dud. The point is, you only remember the classic moments. 

You might feel the same way about Jim Carrey. Some would say his best days are behind him. And I certainly thought so when watching his super odd and awkward "Helvis" monologue that opened Saturday's SNL.

But then we were treated to this virtual noogie of a parody where Carrey took on Matthew McConaughey's pseudo-philosophical Lincoln ads. The vignettes were peppered throughout the show, but NBC has combined them for us in the clip below. So, SNL haters, sit back and enjoy some of the best ad spoofs the show has done in a while.

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