Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ads Make Everyone Everywhere Question Everything

So, hot or not?

Stop the presses. Justin Bieber is making a Justin Bieber face in ads for Calvin Klein, and people are losing their minds.

"Is he actually hot in these pictures?" some people are asking. "Will he ever be as hot as Marky Mark?" other people are wondering. "Can we please bring back David Beckham?" further people are begging (even though Beckham's underwear pics were for H&M, because Beckham was too good for Calvin Klein).

In any event, these topics—surprise, bargaining, regret—are apparently the relevant considerations when weighing the cultural significance of Justin Bieber wearing C.K. jeans and underwear. (Dutch model Lara Stone also appears in the campaign, but most people seem more interested in Bieber.)

He, reportedly, has been teasing the idea that he might appear in C.K. ads for some time now—almost a year, which has only stoked the fires of frenzy among people looking for a chance to freak out over Justin Bieber taking off his shirt.

"This is so dumb, why are we even talking about this?" was the majority response—31 percent, or 13,200 votes—of a highly scientific BuzzFeed reader poll about the new ads, as measured at 11:24 p.m. on Tuesday night. "I, like, don't hate it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" was the runner up, with 20 percent. "No no no no" followed at 19 percent.

The photography—and/or Photoshopping—certainly has some aesthetic appeal, for people willing to embrace or at least overlook the fact that it's Justin Bieber making a Justin Bieber face. On the other hand, Calvin Klein probably likes the fact that Justin Bieber's face comes with 59 million Twitter followers, many of whom like Justin's Bieber face, and might want to buy Calvin Klein jeans and underwear after looking at it.

So, all in all, it seems like a pretty good plan.

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