Kids, Don’t Share Photos of Your Willy, Warns Cute but Very Sad British PSA

Because this is what happens if you do

We live in a pretty amazing time. We can inhale information and imagery to the point where the excess spills over and blows away as fast as it arrived. This is great and all, but if you're a parent trying to raise kids in this torrent of data, you know how hard it is keeping them safe from the deluge of inappropriate content.

And then there's teaching them how to manage their own data. How do you give your children the right tools to understand the viral age?

Well, Leo Burnett Change in London (which also did that chilling Cosmo cover for another social cause) and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children present this rather candid anecdote of the implications of sharing personal data virtually. In this case, it's a boy named Alex who's taken a photo of his, erm, willy—and who is shown the potentially terrible consequences of Snapchatting the pic to someone he trusts.

Take a look below. And thanks a lot, Carlos Danger.

Via Ads of the World.


Client: National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Agency: Leo Burnett Change

Copywriter: Alison Steven

Art Director: Liam Bushby

Creative Director: Beri Cheetham

Executive Creative Director: Justin Tindall

Planner: Kit Altin

Agency Producers: Abby Jenkins, Bruce Macrae

Media Agency: OMD

Planner: Alexandra Gill

Production Company: Hornet

Directors: Dan & Jason  

Editor: Anita Chao

Executive Producer: Jan Stebbins

Producer: Cathy Kwan

Storyboard Artist: Carlos Ancalmo

Lead Character Designer: Adrian Johnson

Designer: Anna Bron

Animation Director: Mike Luzzi

Animators: Angela DeVito, Jacob Kafka, Keelmy Carlo, Krystal Downs, Mike Luzzi, Mark Pecoraro, Natalie Labarre, Nivedita Sekar, Sean Lattrell

Lead Compositor: Ted Wiggin

Compositors: Richard Kim, Stephanie Andreou

Postproduction: Prodigious

Audio Postproduction: Nick Angell

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