Liberty Mutual’s quirky ad family needs help

Liberty Mutual poses some heavy questions about "doing the right thing" in this latest ad from Hill, Holliday, part of the insurer's ongoing Responsibility Project. I'd like to save the commercial's fictional Marlowe family and everyone else some time—and hopefully head off more sappy spots—and answer them here. 1) Yes, the family should put the grandfather in a nursing home. He's clearly off his nut and probably dangerous. 2) The older brother should absolutely drop out of college and enlist in the Army, not just to save the family some money but also to get a real haircut instead of that half-assed shag. 3) Of course the family should spy on the sister—enlist the April Fool's software worm or that Chinese surveillance software if necessary. She's clearly up to no good, and a Fling in a boutique changing room can't be far off. Most important: get the kid who narrates the spot some professional help. Judging from the costume and pogo-stick antics, he's headed the way of Grandpa.
—Posted by David Gianatasio

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