Maxwell House Turns Up Its Nose at the French Press

Mcgarrybowen takes down the snooty

Kraft Foods' brand portfolio is so wide that it can have its Johan and its Ted, too. Johan is the ultra-suave Swede in Taxi's new campaign for Gevalia premium coffee. He's the anti-cup of joe. Ted, on the other hand, is more like your average Joe: a straight-talking American who sneers at French-press coffee and drinks his home-brewed Maxwell House out of a mug. In two new TV ads, Ted, played by improv actor Todd Stashwick, tweaks office workers who drink coffee out of generic, disposable cups and, yes, a French-press-loving couple at a restaurant. The ads, which were directed by David Shane of Bud Light's "Swear Jar" fame, are part of a broader "Stay grounded" campaign from the Chicago and New York offices of mcgarrybowen. The effort includes online and print ads that feature headlines under the label of "House rules." One print execution, for example, asserts that "drizzles and sprinkles belong in a weather forecast, not coffee." The regular-guy tone of campaign is a far cry from the foot-massage-promising allure of Johan. Actually, it feels more like a cousin of "Fritalian," the classic anti-Starbucks ad that Hill Holliday created for Dunkin' Donuts in 2006.

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