McDonald’s Gets Truly Supersized With a Pop-Up Store Shaped Like a Giant Lunchbox

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Adorned with awesome characters and packed with a homemade lunch and a note from your mom or dad—there aren't too many things that spark nostalgia quite like a lunchbox. It reminds you of when life was simple, when you just had to finish your homework and make sure your shoes were on the right feet.

Well, McDonald's (that's Macca's to Australians) and DDB Australia wanted to remind us of that feeling—by assembling a pop-up restaurant in the shape of a giant lunchbox.

The store, built to celebrate the a new rump-steak wrap on the McDonald's menu, will surely stand out in the crowd of plain old not-shaped-like-childlike-object restaurants. It's touring major Australian cities, including Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

Have a closer look below at the store being built—and, if you're into it, the wrap too.

Via Neatorama.

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