McDonald’s Made a Boxy Campaign for Québec, Where Over 100,000 People Move on the Same Day

Brand injects some fun into the yearly tradition

Wishing Québec a bon déménagement. Cossette
Headshot of Doug Zanger

Moving Day on July 1 in Québec is a local tradition that strikes a curious tone for those who don’t live there. Though it’s not a legal requirement, many years back, the province mandated that all leases for properties were to end on that day, which also happens to fall on Canada Day, the country’s biggest holiday.

In Montréal, a little over 63 percent of people rent their homes—an estimated 130,000 people—and hit the streets (and moving vans) in a day-long pilgrimage to get into their new domiciles. Putting it into a more American context, imagine if the entirety of New Haven, Connecticut or Thousand Oaks, California picked up and moved from one place to the next in the same day.

To ease the pain of lugging queen-sized mattresses, couches and the many, many boxes, McDonald’s used the latter form to celebrate this unique day. In a series of ads from Cossette, fries, coffee and ice cream serve as the canvas, using boxes for a clever spin to entice those participating in the nomadic day to try the brand’s app. The creative ran in print and out-of-home.

“At this time of the year, the landscape is inundated with ads about moving. It was a stimulating challenge for us to do something different and give free rein to our creativity,” said Patrick Michaud, associate creative director at Cossette.

This isn’t the first time the brand has leveraged the theme. Previous efforts included paint sample cards in the form of breakfast, a Big Mac and fries to celebrate this uniquely Québecois tradition.


Advertiser: McDonald’s Canada
Agency: Cossette
Creative Team: Alexandre Jutras, Anne-Claude Chénier, Barbara Jacques, Patrick Michaud, René Lachapelle
Product Owner: Annie Vanier
Media agency: OMD

@zanger Doug Zanger is a senior editor, agencies at Adweek, focusing on creativity and agencies.