Mercedes chases away your sleep monsters

This new Mercedes-Benz ad from German agency Jung Von Matt is shot in such a way—lit almost entirely from the car's headlights—that it has a cool, ethereal quality that separates it from most other lame, driving-up-a-mountain-road car ads. And chasing all the dream characters out of the vehicle is a cute way of demonstrating what the Attention Assist security feature does, even if the little person and the ogre are a sign that the driver should stop eating right before bed. It's also a little weird that he kicks the two nurses out of the car first, and only later relinquishes the sheep. What's really missing, though, is an actual demonstration of the Attention Assist feature. We have no idea how it really works, and we'd like to know whether it uses an alarm or a bright light or just drives the car itself until you wake up and then yells at you.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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