Mom gives birth to teen in new anti-drug ad

The target audience for this new spot from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America isn't drug-using teens. It's the mothers of teens who might tumble into that category. It's aimed at persuading moms that they're strongly influential on their kids (appearances to the contrary notwithstanding) and should make good use of that power. Still, if a kid happens to see this oddball commercial while under the influence of some illicit substance, he may imagine he's having a "bad trip" (if that's what it's still called) and decide to clean up his act forthwith. The sight of a woman giving birth to a full-fledged teenager is, after all, a bit unsettling. Almost as unsettling as the sight of a cow giving birth to a hipster. Martin/Williams of Minneapolis created the spot.
—Posted by Mark Dolliver

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