MoonPie Wrote the Best (Worst) Ads You Didn’t See on the Super Bowl

The spots they would have run, if they would have run spots

- Credit by The Tombras Group/Moonpie
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MoonPie knows its way around Twitter. But judging from the scripts it whipped up this week—curiously timed to a certain major football game being played—we’d like to see the brand try a TV commercial pronto.

During Sunday’s Super Bowl telecast, in a very “If We Made It” style stunt, the marshmallow-cookie brand posted a handful of scripts on Twitter for “very good and important MoonPie spots” (they never called them Super Bowl ads, of course) that they might have aired if they weren’t busy making MoonPies—and presumably, if they had anything resembling a Big Game budget.

The results were strangely hilarious, and hilariously strange. They make fun of lots of Super Bowl ad tropes, and also just have plenty of weird shit in them too. Yes, they’re bad—intentionally so—but still not as bad as that T-Mobile ad that did run on the game.

“With MoonPie, we always try to insert the brand into relevant pop culture moments, trying to be most active when we know consumers are,” Dooley Tombras, evp and lead strategist on MoonPie at agency The Tombras Group, tells Adweek.

“Sunday night, we knew consumers would be very active, that there would a lot of conversation about commercials. We knew we’d be successful bringing MoonPie’s voice into those conversations, that it would be ironic and funny to put scripts out there even though we don’t have a spot.”

Check out the scripts below.


“The Good Sports Player”

“The Dirty Truck”

“Moonpie Tree”

“The Family”

“The Race”

“The Study Sesh”

“The Ones With the Bees”


Can someone give MoonPie some TV budget so they can actually make and run something like this? We can dream.

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