Nestea likes them young and exotic-looking

Nestea makes iced tea, but it gets all hot and bothered when it comes to those sexy foreign-exchange students. That's the take-away from new ads for Nestea Red Tea that are apparently running on bus shelters in the Baltimore and D.C. areas. The campaign is drawing some predictable criticisms (that the ads objectify, that they're xenophobic, that they're racist), but that seems like an overreaction. While the foreign students in the campaign might be "tasty," it's the slacker American student over at the "Liquid Awesomeness" site who's the real doofus. His main preoccupation down in his "subterranean lair of cool"? Trying to get hamsters to play the electric guitar. Photo by poza1 on Flickr.
—Posted by Tim Nudd

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