Nestlé’s ‘Bra Cam’ Catches People Stealing Glances, but There’s a Fun Twist Ending

Getting an eyeful in London

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Nestlé's Fitness cereal brand, which last year brought us the tweeting bra, has upped the ante with the hidden-camera bra. Watch below as a woman walks around London capturing footage of men and women furtively (they think) checking out her boobs.

It's a fun little social experiment—and one, predictably, that has caused a bit of a flamewar in the YouTube comments. But it turns out the point of the video isn't really to comment on objectification at all. Nice work by McCann Paris.

Also, check out the behind-the-scenes video here:


Client: Nestlé Fitness

Agency: McCann, Paris

Creative Director: Sarah Clift

Art Directors: Kate Pozzi, Sarah Clift, Caroline Gozier

Copywriter: Kate Pozzi

TV Producers: Sasha Mantel, Arnaud Lemens

Social Strategist: Mariam Asmar

Account: Cédric Vanhoutte, Cynthia Decant, Laurie Chappel, Leslie Adam, Julie Colombani

Production Companies: Outsider; The Corner Shop

Director: Ellen Kuras

Producer: Mel Nwanguma

Director of Photography: Ellen Kuras

First Assistant Director: Julian Higgs

Costume Designer: Lydia Kovacs

Editing: Rock Paper Scissors

Editor: Ted Guard

Postproduction: MPC

Music: Human

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