New ad for Visa Debit both super and freaky

By all rights, this TBWA\Chiat\Day spot for Visa, with its off-key take on the song "Super Freak," should fall as flat as the notes sung by its geeky, goofy and overly exuberant cast. And yet, I could not look away and immediately wanted to watch it again. It even manages to convey a coherent message: Life's freaky enough without having to worry about every online transaction, so trust Visa Debit. (Note to self: Trot out this post for smart-ass counterpoint the next time Visa Debit is implicated in identity theft.) And the sound you hear under your feet is not Rick James rolling over in his grave. That dude got insanely high on life, music and anything else he could lay his hands on. I imagine he's checking out the spot from the Great Beyond, bopping his head in approval and wishing he could take a hit off whatever those actors are smoking.
—Posted by David Gianatasio

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