NHL playoffs about to get excessively hairy

Nine NHL playoff teams have launched a charity Beard-a-Thon campaign, with ad support by Cenergy and Fuseideas. Hockey players like to grow beards because it hides their many facial scars. Kidding. It's a tradition for fans and players to let facial hair grow during the playoffs. (Sports has lots of dumb traditions like that.) Anyway, sponsors can pledge 50 cents or mire for each day their favorite bearded friends avoid shaving. Local charities like Make-a-Wish, the Greater Philadelphia Food Bank and Boston Medical's SPARK Center benefit. There are prizes for the top beard-growers, too, but I think a certain hirsute Bruins booster will win the competition paws down. UPDATE: After the Bruins swept the Canadiens, the clawed one in question staged the victory dance below as his whiskers keep growing for at least one more playoff round.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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