Nick Offerman Prepares You for the Manliest Movember of Your Life

How to grow a better mo'

At this point, any distinction between actor Nick Offerman and character Ron Swanson is pretty much non-existent. They both love bacon. They both love woodworking. And they both sport the same awe-and-envy-inspiring mustache. Fortunately for everyone, they are now offering a quick two-minute lesson on how to cultivate a mustache that, like theirs, is actually worth wearing. Their pointers include visiting shepherds in Scotland, washing it with "cologne, whale oil and beef tallow," and eating a raw onion, which they do, on camera. It's all in observance of hairy charity drive Movember, which raises money and awareness for prostate cancer research. The video was created by Movember partner Break Media's Made Man.

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