No Whoppers, no peace in latest BK effort

While there’s nothing entirely innovative about Burger King’s new Candid Camera-style viral hotness, I have to give the company credit for having the solid brass pair of whoppers to actually greenlight the thing. In “Whopper Freakout,” Crispin Porter + Bogusky uses hidden cameras to find out what would happen if BK customers were told that the trademark Whopper had been discontinued. It’s a fun gag, and it actually does inspire some people to wax profound about their deep, enduring love for the 50-year-old burger. But come on. Wouldn’t you be ticked anywhere if you ordered something and they wouldn’t give it to you? My favorite part is when someone orders a Whopper but is given a Wendy’s burger, which is then demonized by both the customer and the BK worker. Like the conversation would have been different if you ordered a Whopper and they put a wet plunger in your bag. Customer: “Hey, I didn’t order a plunger.” Employee: “Yeah, plungers are much grosser than Whoppers, right?” Customer: “Um … yes?”

—Posted by David Griner

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