Plastic Surgeon Holds Video Contest, Offers Free Nose Job to Winner

Trip to Miami, lodging and complimentary rhinoplasty!

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Plastic surgeons aren't known for their innovating marketing. But then, Michael Salzhauer isn't your ordinary plastic surgeon. He's "Dr. Schnoz," the self-described "Nose King of Miami," and he's got an unorthodox offer for would-be patients—a free nose job to the winner of a just-announced video contest. The background on this is a bit convoluted, but bear with us: First, Salzhauer gave the lead singer of Jewish punk-rock band the Groggers a free nose job in exchange for the band writing a song about nose jobs ("Nose Job Love Song") and giving Salzhauer a starring role in the music video. (The video, posted below, in part documented the procedure—that's L.E. Staiman of the Groggers and Salzhauer in a still from the video above.) Now, Salzhauer is taking things a step further, challenging people to make their own videos for the song. Contestants should upload their submissions to YouTube, then tweet a link to @DrSalzhauer. Whoever gets the most views on YouTube wins a free rhinoplasty, along with free airfare to Miami and lodging. "I wanted to create something no other plastic surgeon has done before," Salzhauer says. "Rhinoplasty is my favorite and most desired procedure. I found a way to incorporate my work into a fun and creative way to attract more patients." Read more about Dr. Schnoz over at Judging from the site's main image up top, rhinoplasty isn't their only specialty.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.
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