Redefining Luxury, the 2014 Wienermobile Is Now Available for Lease

'Form. Meats. Function.'

My dream of hogging the road in a 27-foot-long, 14,000-pound frankfurter could finally become a reality if I win Oscar Mayer's contest to let someone "lease" a 2014 Wienermobile for a day.

Mcgarrybowen touts the promotion in an amusing spoof of a luxury car ad tagged "Form. Meats. Function." Potential leaseholders are asked to tweet with the hashtag #Tweet2Lease to explain why they are worthy—or as the ad puts it in dealership pricing terms, "1 tweet and 140 characters down." 

Per Wienermobile regulations, you get to ride in the huge hot dog, but not actually drive it, but looking at the entries, it's clear that most are dreaming of getting behind the wheel instead of just riding sausage-shotgun.

So far, the contest tweets are a mixed bag. @ForeverZoe1 claims, "I deserve to drive the wienermobile to Prom," while @piggiepi pleads, "Can I please have the biggest wiener for one day?" My favorite, via @stevierut, is dripping with brandcentric sarcasm: "I have 176 followers and they're all VERY influential opinion leaders." Then there's this inevitable, if no longer particularly timely bon mot from @AdverTina: "I want 2 use the @Wienermobile 2 visit @anthonyweiner's house."

Don't strain too hard to compose the perfect 140 characters or fret over endless (and in most cases, utterly predictable) puns. The lucky wiener … er, winner will be chosen at random on Feb. 7.


Client: Oscar Mayer

Agency: mcgarrybowen

Directors: Adam & Dave

Production Company: Arts & Sciences

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