Rob Lowe Talks About the Awesome Randomness of His DirecTV Characters [Video]

The ads are 'out there in a really fun, smart, stupid way'

Grey has gotten a lot of buzz out of its DirecTV campaign featuring oddball versions of Rob Lowe as a cable subscriber. After shooting the first five ads last year, the agency's global chief creative officer, Tor Myhren, thought Lowe might have completed his run. But the actor's zeal for the role convinced the shop to produce another five ads, two of which (see below) have already rolled out this year.

"On set, he's totally engaged," said Myhren. "He's so into it. He's so passionate about it."

That enthusiasm is clear in the interview below—filmed during the last shoot—in which Lowe describes with amusement how he saw people dress up as Super Creepy and Painfully Awkward on Halloween. Not since St. Elmo's Fire in 1985 does he remember being the inspiration for a Halloween costume, which he believes is the ultimate sign of fame.

Lowe also shares what his kids like about the campaign and his favorite character so far.

Also, here's a look at the most recent ads:

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