This Samsung Headphones Ad Is Such Utter Arty Nonsense, It’s Actually Kind of Good

High camp factor

Moody black-and-white photography. Whispered dialogue. Ethereal soundtrack. Pouty orgasm faces. Sensual mid-air ballet.

Amazingly, this isn't a perfume or fashion ad from the '90s but Cheil Worldwide's latest spot for Samsung Mobile, supporting the brand's Gear Circle Bluetooth headset.

You know you're in for a wild ride right from the start, when some skinny dude, chillin' on the rug in front of a cozy fireplace, engages the product and a wraithlike blonde woman—previously unseen—flies up toward the ceiling, as if she'd sprung out of his very soul. The guy's also suddenly and inexplicably shirtless at that point, naturally. Soon, he's also soaring above the ground.

"A bit much for a pair of headphones, don't you think?" one YouTube commenter asks.

Perhaps. And yet, this stuff is so self-consciously goofy and packed with artsy pretense—not to mention very well made, by Keystone Films director Liukh—that it's tough to look away.

"Once you belong to the circle, you'll never want to go back," a voiceover says at the end. A British accented voiceover—awesome!

That line is vaguely creepy. (A slap at the cult of Mac?) Still, the spot's blithely campy approach helps it take flight. It's sure to get a rise out of viewers.

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