Scorsese, De Niro and DiCaprio Finally Team Up for a Film, Which Turns Out to Be an Ad

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Martin Scorsese famously has two favorite actors: Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio. But De Niro and DiCaprio have never worked on a Scorsese project together—until now.

The trailer below, for a short film called The Audition, stars both actors and the director—and sets up a rivalry between De Niro and DiCaprio, with the two vying for the same acting role. The short film will reportedly be unveiled later this year—and will also feature Brad Pitt, for extra star power.

The catch? The whole thing is an elaborate advertisement for two casino resorts: City of Dreams Manila in the Philippines and Studio City Macao in China.

It seems that old rascal Scorsese has gotten De Niro and DiCaprio to venture to Manila and Macao to hang out with him at these resorts because these places are "incredible." As you can imagine, this short has everything: drinking, glamorized gambling and hijinks. Plus, De Niro is menacing and DiCaprio is still sporting that dreadful man-bun-and-beard combo.

[NOTE: We have removed the video at the request of the copyright owner.]

Brett Ratner, a producer on the project, said in a statement: "This short film is a historic event because it is the first film ever to star such legendary actors as Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt in one film together."

He adds: "The cooperation between Mr. Scorsese and the Melco Crown Entertainment brand is synergistic because of the fact that Mr. Scorsese directed the film Casino starring Robert De Niro. Mr. Scorsese has collaborated with Mr. De Niro on eight films and with Mr. DiCaprio on five films and is working with Mr. Pitt for the first time. Our hope is that the trailer for The Audition gives audiences an early look into what will surely be an important cinematic experience directed by one of the most culturally influential directors in the history of Hollywood films. I look forward to the global premiere of the film at the launch of Studio City in mid-2015."

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