Scotts Turf Builder Makes Grass So Green, This Agency Used It as a Green Screen

Rethink's clever 'living demo'

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Here's a little inside-baseball stunt for all your advertising production people out there. Scotts Canada is running a new commercial that shows how Scotts Turf Builder Green Max will make you grass so green, you can even use it as a green screen.

"After feeding the grass, we successfully tested it as a fully functional green screen. The endless creative possibilities were only limited by our imagination. This living demo did a fantastic job delivering on the brand promise, " says Scotts Canada director of marketing Glenn Martin.

The stunt was dreamed up by agency Rethink, whose entertaining antics for the Scotts brand also including this intentionally annoying preroll earlier this year.

The green-screen spot launched on Facebook during the Toronto International Film Festival to target movie production buffs.

Beyond the spot, there were some live on-lawn demos, too. The agency fed lawns in high-traffic areas like Toronto's Regent Park with Turf Builder Green Max. Once the grass was good and green, they invited passersby to participate in the world's first grass green screen.

Visitors could select from scenes including Paris, shark-infested waters and outer space, and were then green screened and photographed by professional photographer Stephen MacLeod.


Client: Scotts Canada

Title: Scotts Green Screen

Agency: Rethink

Creative Director: Aaron Starkman

Art Director: Jake Bundock

Writer: Andrew Chhour

Broadcast Producer: Catherine Dumas

Account Director: Marie Lunny

Content Strategist: Leah Gregg

Production Company: Suneeva

Executive Producer: Geoff Cornish

Directors Rep: Hannah Gill

Producer: Evan Landry

Director: Shelly Lewis

Director of photography: Kris Belchevski

Editing House: School

Editor: Mark Morton

On-line: The Vanity

On-line Artist: Michael Medeiros

Transfer: Alter Ego

Colourist: Patrick Samaniego

Audio House: RMW/ Vapor

Executive Producer: Jeff Cohen

Producer/Composer: Dustin Anstey

Audio Engineer: Ryan Chalmers

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.
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