See Microsoft’s Jaw-Dropping Promo for Its 4K Gaming Console

Ayzenberg Group pushes the Xbox One X

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It’s been known cryptically as “Project Scorpio,” like something out of a Bond flick, for the past year. But at last week’s E3 convention in Los Angeles, Microsoft finally dropped the veil from its newest product, officially dubbed Xbox One X, a 4K gaming system that’s being touted as “the most powerful console ever made.”

It goes on sale in November, priced at $500, with specs that include a liquid-cooled vapor chamber, six teraflops and 326 gigs of memory bandwidth. (Straight from Q’s gadget lab?)

To introduce the console, and try to spike pre-sales, the marketer debuted a two-minute ad that’s intended to show off its super-rich digital gameplay and hit fanboys right in the feels. Gamer geeks, commence salivating.

The system “triggers an emotional response,” said Craig McNary, director of Xbox’s integrated marketing. “Our campaign theme, ‘Feel True Power,’ is born from having the world’s most powerful console and deeply rich experiences. When we see our gamer experience Xbox One X for the first time in the film, we are in her shoes, feeling that same sense of wonder and excitement—power and true 4K console gaming fully realized.”

The spot, from Ayzenberg Group, uses chipsets and “pixel threads” to tout the console’s computing power and immersive entertainment. Kudos for choosing a girl gamer, by the way, who appears to be both blown away and energized by the new gaming challenge in front of her. (Hair standing on end!) Shorter versions of the mini-movie will run on social and digital.

Client: Microsoft
Craig McNary – Director, Xbox Integrated Marketing
Michael Rivera-Dirks – Senior Marketing Manager, Xbox Integrated Marketing

Agency: Ayzenberg Group

Gary & Matt – Executive Creative Directors
Mehera Bey, Head of Production
Allen Bey, Creative Director
Jonathan Clark, Senior Supervising Producer
Tara Cheitlin, Producer
Allen Bey & Chris May, Editors
Michael Chaves, Live Action Director

Animation / VFX: Blind
Social Media
Rebecca Rose, SVP, Social Media
Cory Teale, Director, Operations
Caroline Collins, Director, Social Media
Fern Espinoza, Creative Director
Jude Ambrosio, Associate Director, Social Strategy
Erik Schmitt, Sr. Strategist
Justin Whitesel, Art Director
Gary Seastrom, Art Director
Kate Tornay, Copywriter
Jasen Wong, Copywriter
Shaun Lang, Photographer
David Espinoza, Designer
Vu Nguyen, Motion Designer
Allan DeLeon, Senior Producer
Bori Surh, Producer
Caitlin Allen, Associate Producer
Renee Sogueco, Coordinator

Justin Hills, VP, Client Service and Integration
Ryan Merritt, Senior Account Manager

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