This Shark Week Teaser Is a Chum-Tossing Celebration of Carnivorous Delights

All hail the 'King of Summer'

Just watching Discovery's Shark Week will make you feel like you're skiing on two great whites while a mermaid clings to your leg.

Behold the resplendent CGI overkill of this internally produced Discovery Channel spot, featuring different kinds of sharks leaping around our chum-tossing "King of Summer." You’ll have to watch two or three times to catch all that's happening as he drives his great whites into a sea of seals, seagull snacks and fleeing penguins.

The mustachioed hero basks in the carnage, a look of unadulterated glee on his face. And then the mermaid winks at us. It is cheesy for the sake of cheese, and it's blood in the water for Shark Week fans.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.
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