Shooting in Portrait Mode Helps a Barbershop Attract Foot Traffic in New Spot for the iPhone 7 Plus

The latest for Apple's 'Practically Magic' campaign

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Headshot of Erik Oster

Earlier this month, Apple highlighted the iPhone 7 Plusā€™ Portrait Mode with a spot about a couple seemingly alone in a crowded city.

In its newest ad, the latest in the “Practically Magic” campaign launched with the beautifully-shot “Midnight” last September, the feature attracts a crowd.

“Barbers” opens on a small family barbershop in New Orleans that doesn’t seem to attract a lot of business. Things change when one of the barbers takes a photo using Portrait Mode and hangs it up outside the shop. A passerby notices the photo, stops in for a haircut of his own andĀ things just snowball from there.

Before you know it, there’s a line around the block.

It’s a notably different take on Portrait Mode than its predecessor, but perhaps an even more effective showcase for the feature. By showing Portrait Mode from behind the camera, the spot displays how easy it is to use.

That patrons are replaced by their snapshots on the wall after their photo is taken, which is a neat effect, also suggesting how simpleĀ it is to get the ideal shot. Plus the whole thing is perfectly timed to theĀ William Onyeabor tune “Fantastic Man.”

@ErikDOster Erik Oster is an agencies reporter for Adweek.
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