Skittles Not Really Into the Whole Anti-Bullying Thing

New 'Tease the rainbow' spot

Skittles' new "Liar Liar" ad is just as weird as the brand's previous efforts, but also a little meaner. The poor kid's friends and mom are exploiting what looks like a physically and mentally unpleasant symptom of dishonesty for their own gain, while previous ads were more benign in their absurdism. The only moral consolation here is that those Skittles probably taste awful. Ear wax is a terrible garnish, let alone what else those things picked up on their way out of that kid's body. On the flip side, this may be better than if he grew the stereotypical long nose and Skittles came flying out of that. Translation wrote the original script for this spot; DDB Chicago produced it, with some adjustments.

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