SNL Takes a Cold, Hard Look at Santa’s Secrets in ‘Serial’ Parody

What exactly happened on Dec. 25, 1999?

Headshot of Alfred Maskeroni

SNL is on fire lately, and this weekend's episode was no exception. So many gems. From Mike Myers bringing back über-villian Dr. Evil to comment on the Sony hack scandal to a perfect mock ad for "Asian American Doll," there was no shortage of sincere laugh-nuggets. 

But the best bit of all was Cecily Strong's noteworthy impression of Sarah Koenig, the host of podcast darling Serial, which just wrapped its first season. Last week, we were treated to Funny or Die's genius Serial spoof, and SNL's holiday take is just as good. 

Take a look below as fake Koenig investigates the mystery of Kris Kringle's alleged gifting spree on a Christmas in 1999. It's really spot on, replete with all the ingredients of a Serial episode—Koenig's delivery, Kringle's Adnan-esque phone calls, a Jay-inspired elf accomplice, and of course, an attempted replication of the events that transpired.

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