Sonic’s Weird Drink Flavors Come to Life as Strangely Riveting Mouth Cartoons

Fun, or rubbernecking?

Sonic is pretty serious about playing with its food.

A new campaign from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners transforms actors' mouths into zany little characters using face paint, à la makeup artist Lauren Jenkinson's renditions of classic cartoon characters.

The illustrations are great more or less across the board, even if some of the writing and delivery—the self-destructive robot, the melodramatic doctor, the angst-ridden teenager—might try a little too hard to be funny.

The better monologues turn the corner on relatable bits of truth—like a Southern belle who scrambles to save face after it turns out she's not so refined after all—or on straight-up charming silliness—like a hammy yeti, idiotic octopus or behind-the-times groundhog.

The best moments, though, come from the more subtle facial cues, like when a chin twitch becomes a boxer pumping his pecs, or a soul patch finds new life as chest hair (in what might be the most perfect equivalence ever).

Then again, that all might just be a matter of taste—promoting the fast-food chain's various drink flavors is, after all, kind of the point. But seriously, just try to keep your brain from imploding when Abraham Lincoln cracks a pun about a Leonardo DiCaprio movie.


Client: Sonic

Campaign "Sipsters"

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners


Executive Creative Director, Partner: Margaret Johnson

Associate Creative Director, Writer: Jon Wolanske

Associate Creative Director, Art Director, Designer: Kevin Koller

Copywriter: Justin Ralph

Account Services and Strategy

Group Account Director: Leslie Barrett

Account Director: Jenna Duboe

Assistant Account Manager: Olivia Mullen

Business Affairs Managers: Chrissy Shearer, Jane Regan

Senior Communication Strategist: John-James Richardson


Director of Broadcast Production: Tod Puckett

Broadcast Producer: Melissa Nagy

Production Company: eLevel Films (GS&P)

Directors: Claude Shade, Jon Wolanske

Director of Photography: Brett Simms

Executive Producer: P.J. Koll

Line Producer: Genevieve Giraudo

Production Manager: Haley Klarfield

Makeup Artists: Sarah Coy, Victor Cembelin, Sophie Smith, Monica Bishop


ELevel Films (GS&P)

Editor: Quinn Motika

Executive Producer: P.J. Koll

Post Producer: Samantha Liss

Telecine: Nathan Shipley

Online: Kyle Westbrook

Audio Mix, Sound Design: Nic DeMatteo, Jody Scott, Jon Shamieh

Music: APM Music

End Title Design: Kevin Koller


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