Stop Half-Assing Holiday Parties and Go Get Yourself an Ugly Sweater Suit

Wear it with pride. Once, then never again

Sure, everyone's sporting an ironic and hideous Christmas sweater or vest these days, so you'll need to step up your game. You'll need a sweater suit.

Opposuits has lived up to that mission with its new line of Ugly Christmas Sweater Suits. They come in three patterns: snowman, Christmas Tree and "The Rudolph Suave." 

We all know someone—usually just one person—who will buy this kind of thing.

Wearing it will be hilariously fun the first time, and then the law of diminishing returns will kick in and the suit will be worn to three, four parties tops before permanent exile to the owner's closet, next to the Handerpants. These suits are the Cards Against Humanity of men's clothing.

Via Neatorama. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.