Strangely Awesome Laptop Stove Lets You Cook and Find Recipes Online at the Same Time

You didn't know you needed this, but you do

Dragan Trenchevski, an industrial designer from Macedonia with maybe the coolest name ever given to a person, has come up with a prototype for an Electrolux Mobile Kitchen, which is basically a laptop with a hotplate built into it—so you can easily cook while looking at recipes online.

Well, it's a bit more upscale than that. The Mobile Kitchen is a touch-screen laptop that includes a four-tier induction cooktop, a cutting board and, one would imagine, a friendly reminder to wash/wipe off your hands before touching the screen. It's just a poop sock away from being complete enough for Google to install in every programmer's workstation.

Obviously, any commercial release of such a product would have an uphill battle convincing people that just keeping their laptop or tablet in the kitchen is too inconvenient. But as a one-off novelty, it's pretty cool.

Via Design Taxi.

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