Supermarket Surprises Shoppers by Playing ‘Jingle Bells’ Using the Checkout Scanners

Latest big hit from Edeka

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Like it or not, you can't escape holiday cheer everywhere you go. Maybe you've already taken care of your shopping, too. But have you ever heard Christmas music coming from the very machines responsible for draining your bank account in the name of joy?

Holiday shoppers at German supermarket Edeka have. In the stunt below, checkout clerks are seen scanning items so their registers beep and chirp just the right notes to play "Jingle Bells"—complete with a beatboxing percussion soloist. 

The video, titled "Kassensymphonie" ("Checkout Symphony"), was done by Jung von Matt and has already amassed over 11 million views on YouTube. It's not the only viral hit for this client/agency combo, who also did the incredibly weird "Supergeil" video earlier this year.


Client: Edeka

Creative Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster

Executive Creative Director: Jens Pfau

Managing Director: Peter Ströh

Creative Director: Robert Herter

Copywriter: Anna Lichnog, Kyra Nenz

Art Director: Thimon Machatzke

Accounting: Patrick Hammer, Florian Laufenberg

Production: Markenfilm Crossing GmbH

Director: Kai Sehr

Camera: Björn Knechtle

Marketing EDEKA: Claas Meineke, Anja Tirtey, Julia Hisserich

@maskeroni Alfred Maskeroni is director of video for Adweek.
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