This Ad Captures the One Thing Every Millennial’s Dad Does

Other than tell terrible jokes

Sometimes you can't wait to tell your dad everything you've been up to. Just be ready for the response you know is coming. Nord DDB
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The relationship between parents and children is different not only in every country but also in every household. That said, some things seem to unite parents around the world, even when it’s not totally clear why.

For a perfect case in point, check out this new ad from Norwegian telco Ice and Oslo-based agency Nord DDB:

The spot centers on a daughter in her 20s exploring Martinique, taking in all the sights and being mildly selective about which adventures she shares with her dad. But in the end, no matter how many worldly experiences you accumulate, your dad is bound to seem unfazed—even if he’s quietly proud of you.

“We’re the generation that grew up with technology, and adopted it without hesitation. Our fathers, however, grew up in technologically simpler times, and had to adopt it to keep up with their kids,” says Nord DDB creative Thomas Eltvik. “Perhaps that’s why they text in a simpler, and more direct way? A few years back it used to be the basic ‘Ok.’, but we saw that it has evolved into something a bit more modern, but still equally simple.”

While the spot could have taken place entirely within a text conversation (as T-Mobile did during its Super Bowl ads this year), that approach would deprive us of seeing the dad’s real-life reaction at the end. Whether that part is accurate or not, it’s certainly what we all hope is going on when we get such a minimalist response.


Client: ice
Kyrre Bekkelund, Marketing and Customer Experience Director

Agency: Nord DDB
Thomas Eltvik, Creative
Torstein Skogedal, Creative
Fredrik Omre, Creative
Joachim Bjørndahl, Creative
Kaja Isnes, Graphic Designer
Magnus Snickars, Graphic Designer
Morten Vikanes, Motion Graphics

Eddie D’sa, Strategy / CEO
Thomas Olsson, Business Director
Alexander Hetland, Brand Strategy
Lena Engh Project Manager

Arnar Halldorsson, Chief Creativity Officer

Bacon Production

Anders Riiser & Emilie Beck, Directors
Ola Narum Berg, Producer
Ben Canny, Editor
Elisabeth Danielsen, Production Manager
Andreas Waag Martisen, Sound

@griner David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."