This L.A. Production Shop Used AR to Transform Its Warehouse Into Instagrammable Art

Tool of North America visitors can view mural through three filters

Tool's DJ Neff developed an AR app to transform the mural he painted on the agency's warehouse in Santa Monica. Tool
Headshot of Lindsay Rittenhouse

Tool of North America experiential artist DJ Neff has transformed the production company’s Los Angeles warehouse into a metamorphosing work of art made for ideal “Instagrammable moments.”

The project, called “Sight Beyond Sight,” in which Neff painted a mural of a colorful eye on the outside of the warehouse in Santa Monica then developed a multifilter augmented reality app called Tool AR Mural to bring it to life, aims to showcase how the tech and art worlds can collide and what “the future of art in public spaces can look like,” according to Tool.

By simply downloading the app, passersby can visit the space and see the mural transform through three filters: Artist Time Lapse, Space Balls and Enter the Void.

“With this mural, we’re breaking ground on what the future of public art can be—an intersection of art, technology and brand patronage,” Neff said, noting that with the AR element, it not only can live on social media, where “murals are photographed and shared more than most things [and] evolve over time.”

Artist Time Lapse lets spectators see Neff at work painting the mural.

The Space Balls filter features 3D balls popping out of the mural.

And Enter the Void lets observers explore new depths of the mural.

@kitten_mouse Lindsay Rittenhouse is a staff writer at Adweek, where she specializes in covering the world of agencies and their clients.