Tourism Ads for Lazy People

Don't feel like traveling? Check out these destinations closer to home

"Bored? Scroll the infinite pages of the Internet. A refreshing way to waste the day!" That headline tops one of H. Caldwell Turner's amusing "Travel Posters for Lazy People" over at CollegeHumor. The illustration shows a mountain-temple-style PC puking rainbows, and the trip is offered by the "Too Many Tabs Tourist Agency." Caldwell also skewers obsessive gamers ("Kill time, and also dragons") and video addicts ("Experience Hulu, the land of multiple seasons!") and notes the need to replenish one's energy to continue clicking ("Explore the frozen past, the eat it! Visit … The Refrigerator"). There's a cell-phone ad too ("escape obligations … solitude is only a text away!"), but I think mobility offers hope for even the most incurable digital fanatics. Now, when we're dragged away on actual vacations, we can take the Web with us. And if we get bored exploring Incan ruins (they're dusty with low-pixel density), we can catch up on Angry Birds and Pinning. You can get a signal in the Andes, right? Via Laughing Squid.

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