Volkswagens Are Great for Not-So-Easy Riders

Can't hack the motorcycle? Get yourself a Jetta

It's the rare commercial that tries to appeal to men by telling them how unmanly they are. Yet that's the basic approach of this 2011 Ogilvy spot for Volkswagen in South Africa, one of several new additions to A couple of buddies do their best Easy Rider impressions, riding off into the countryside on their motorcycles together. But almost immediately, things begin to go awry—beginning with one guy swallowing a bug. Things go downhill from there, and soon it becomes clear that it's just a whole lot easier to drive a car—a Jetta, for example. It's a fun idea, though it's not quite clear who will see themselves in these characters. Also newly posted this week: Tom Kuntz's great ad for Hahn Super Dry beer, Muller's extravagant "Wonderful Stuff" spot, and several more ads. See them all at

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