Visa ad imagines if technology never shrank

Whybin\TBWA of Sydney scores with this fun Visa Debit Card spot from Australia that depicts a world where technology hasn't kept pace with consumer demands. The images of contemporary folks lugging around outdated hardware like fax machines, dial TVs, typewriters and turntables really resonate. I fondly recall the days of unwieldy portables with rabbit ears and even jerry-rigged stereos set up to play LPs and 45s. And you're asking: What the hell are LPs? It wasn't really so long ago that when you left your home or office, you were effectively out of touch with the rest of the world, with no aesthetically beguiling system of tree-wrapped phone cords (watch the spot) to kept you tethered to humanity. And you're asking: What the hell are 45s? Let's just say they're a primitive medium that, at least at my house, often came in picture sleeves with Rick James on the cover. Via Ads of the World.
—Posted by David Gianatasio

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