Want a Short-Sleeve Dress Shirt Covered in Poo Emojis? Of Course You Do

Betabrand is producing 800 and starting on a 'poo dress for women'

Headshot of David Griner

This is truly a golden age for the poo emoji, that fecund swirl who's become the messaging embodiment of all things odious.

For proof, look no further than Betabrand's popular "Poo Emoji Button-Up Shirt," which just completed its crowdfunding phase and received nearly 500 percent of the preorders needed to green-light production. The goal was to sell 50 shirts to early backers, but more than 230 had committed by the time crowdfunding closed Wednesday night.

"Our initial production run will be about 800 units," Betabrand founder Chris Lindland tells AdFreak.

And there's more crap to come. In addition to its existing poo emoji shoes, Betabrand is "currently seeking feedback on a poo dress for women," Lindland says.

Now, you might be on board with poo emojis. But why is the men's shirt short-sleeve? "The shirts are part of a creative Hawaiian shirt collection we're developing," Lindland said. "Our photographers thought it would be funny to shoot like a serious Banana Republic shoot."

You can check out the results of the e-retailer's ironic photo collection below and decide if this would be $80 well spent.

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