This Is What Happens When a Bunch of Men Write Your Tampon Commercials

It isn't pretty, or scientifically accurate

Periods can be confusing, and not just for those of us who only paid attention to the sex-talk part of 9th grade health class. Sketch comedy troupe Hammerkatz highlights that confusion hilariously with this parody tampon commercial.

While typical feminine hygiene ads shirk from much descriptive (or accurate) language, and generally rely on blue liquid on a maxipad to do the talking, a few brands have made strides over the years—like the charming and funny Hello Flo work.

This parody, by contrast, "brought to you by the all-male advertising team at Tampax," is retrograde in the extreme—frank and mostly wrong, but sometimes funny. And also kind of gross. See for yourself!

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Roo Powell is freelance contributor to Adweek.