What Will You Be Like in 2034? Chat With Your Future Self in This Trippy Ad Campaign

Jumping 20 years forward

Twenty years from now, I'll be a silver-haired fox and speak with a British accent, judging from this "Future Self" campaign created by Publicis Conseil and Jam3 for European telecommunications giant Orange.

Upload a photo of yourself, and the software creates an interactive 3-D model of how you might look two decades hence. You can ask questions of your future self using your computer's microphone or keyboard.

Of course, these are canned responses, but most of the exchanges I sampled were amusing, and a few even felt kind of profound. When I inquired about my (his? our?) finances in 2034, Future Dave explained that money as I know it no longer exists, that it's been replaced by a system of commerce in which nobody feels short-changed.

The initiative marks Orange's 20th anniversary, and it's designed to position the marketer as hip and innovative with the millennial crowd. (Yeah, I'm sure the whole emphasis on aging will have exactly that effect.)

It's livelier than Merrill Edge's somewhat similar "Face Retirement" campaign, and more fun than this site, which emphasizes an aspect of the future I'd just as soon ignore.

Credits below.



Deputy Director of Communications: Béatrice Mandine

Brand Director: Thierry Marigny

Head of Corporate Communications: Anne Imbert

Corporate Communications Manager: Joanna Gaumet

Corporate Communications Assistant: Charlie Lévêque

—Publicis Conseil

International Creative Director: Steve O’Leary

Copywriter: Méric Settembre

Art Director: Thomas Bernard

Worldwide Account Director: Cécile Lejeune

International Account Director: Guillaume Foskolos

International Account Executive: Laëtitia Mulinazzi

Digital Strategic Planner: Benoit Candelle

Creative Technologist: Julien Chaillou

Digital Consultant: Paula Petrucci

Special thanks: Benjamin Sanial, Isabelle Appé

—Digital production – Jam3

Creative Director: Adrian Belina

Executive Producer: Graham Budd

Producer: Sumit Awjani

—Video Production

Producers: Pierre Marcus, Thierry Delesalle (Prodigious)

Director of Photography: Joël Labat

Postproduction: Reepost

Sound Design Videos: Pink Factory


Benjamin Euvrard, Ingrid Morley-Pegge, Benjamin Dumont, Charly de Witte, Romain Grandsire

—Sound Design: Apollo Studios

Executive Producer: Bénédicte Leclere

—Website: futureself.orange.com

—Media Plan: banners (Le Monde, YouTube, Le Bonbon, Orange.fr, Dailymotion, Deezer, Vice…)

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