Which is worse, a robot or a Denny’s meal?

I've often spoken out in this forum against the threat posed by robots. They're out to kill us all, and they never follow you back on Twitter. (I had to sneak that in … SEO, keywords, etc.) But I also hate Denny's. They're out to kill us all, too—with their food. So, how to interpret Goodby, Silverstein & Partners' latest ad for the chain? On the one hand, processed breakfast sandwiches made by killer robots are indeed best avoided. And yet, the commercial suggests Denny's "Grand Slamwich" as an alternative. That's also pretty risky. Maybe the safest bet is bland fare like the stuff at P.J. Bland's. Sure, it's made of cardboard, but it beats that greasy pile of pig they plop on your plate at Denny's.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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