Whoa, Walmart.com. Why Do You Have a Section Called ‘Fat Girl Costumes’?

Not a good look for the retailer

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Either someone at Walmart has made a terrible mistake, or else the retailer's SEO trolling is top notch. 

Jezebel points out this morning that Walmart's collection of Halloween costumes includes a "Fat Girl Costumes" category. We checked and found it was indeed live on the site, at least as of 10:30 a.m. today. (UPDATE: The category was purged of all items around 11:15 a.m. See below for details.)

There are several other "related' categories like "Plus Size Halloween Costumes" and "Adult Plus Halloween," which makes me wonder if these groupings are automatically generated from some of the descriptive metadata supplied by low-budget vendors. 

If so, it might be time for Walmart to step up the curation on its site's organization. And if this wasn't some weird third-party metadata issue, Walmart needs to step up its goddamn common sense.

UPDATE 1: Several AdFreak readers have noted with a laugh that the "Fat Girl Costumes" section of Walmart.com is also being featured alongside our Facebook post as a related link:

UPDATE 2: Around 11:15 a.m. ET today, Walmart removed all items from the category. The page now shows the message, "We found 0 items for the Fat Girl Costumes page."

UPDATE 3: Wal-Mart is in full apology mode, issuing statements to the press and pushing out the following tweet to several upset Twitter users:

Here's how the section looked on the Walmart site before the items were removed:


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