W+K New York is Auctioning Off a ‘Queer Brick’ for Homeless LGBTQ Youth

All of the proceeds from the Stonewall-inspired campaign benefit the Ali Forney Center

Photo of the queer brick next to protest photos
The team behind Queer Brick said that although they feel it’s important to break LGBTQ advocacy out of the usual June marketing avalanche, the marketing itself is still an important part of the push for equality. W+K

Legend has it that on the night of the police raid at the Stonewall Inn gay bar in June 1969, a Black trans woman—believed to be Marsha P. Johnson—kicked off resistance to the arrests by throwing a brick at police. Or maybe it was a shot glass, a new campaign from Wieden + Kennedy New York suggests. Either way, the uprising is the inspiration for the LGBTQ Pride celebrations that fall on the last weekend of June each year.

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