Women Compare Their Stalkers in Bollywood-Style Throwdown in Dating Site’s Crazy Ad

A musical argument for verified profiles

In this ad for Indian dating site TrulyMadly, two women have a musical battle to determine whose would-be suitor is the creepiest.

Performing in the Qawwali style, a type of music originally used by Sufis for devotional purposes, the first group of women—those in pink—start by saying there are two folders on Facebook: one for friends … and one for creeps.

After describing their Facebook troll, and blaming Mark Zuckerberg for his part in the whole situation, a second group of women challenges the first by talking about a creep who stalks their protagonist in real life. In their narrative, he shows up at her door as an elevator man and pizza delivery guy to say things like, "I delivered your pizza, will you deliver my babies?"

Toward the end, the similarities between both stalkers become too eerie to ignore (for example, both creepers call the oject of their affection "bulbul," the Hindi term for nightingale), and they realize the same person is stalking them both. The tagline tells you that TrulyMadly's verified profiles help weed out unwanted attention.

If only more ads relied on good old musical throwdowns to battle their way to a message.

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@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.